I'm all for raising awareness about marginalized, mistreated people wherever they come from and wherever it happened. I am, however, passionately against a partisan presentation of things that highlights certain groups of countries, certain populations as being backward, oppressive, abusive, fanatic and totalitarian.. that is just plain hatemongering.
Why don't you acknowledge that your own country and, sadly enough, people of your own community, are just as prejudiced, narrow-minded, violent and fanatical as those you choose to exhibit to the rest of your readership? When challenged with those facts, you are in complete denial and yet you are so eager to jump at the throat of someone else who thinks to defend all that is sacred to them from the comments of an outsider. Acknowledge your own shortcomings first, and do something to change that before you start pointing fingers at everything else. And get off your bloody high horse.


This post is exclusively dedicated to my new crimson teapot, my old apple-green Ikea mugs and timeless chai. A component of my new rug-in-the-making also makes a cameo.