The mother of all Memes, where my interest is concerned..! BBC labs is doing a 'musicality' test. Thanks to Miguel Bengoa for the link :)
You scored higher than 46% of the population Your ‘Enthusiasm for Music’ score shows how important music is to you in your daily life. It also indicates how much time and money you devote to music. You scored medium for enthusiasm, which suggests that while you enjoy music it isn’t a huge part of your daily life. You spend about the same amount of time as most people just listening to music or having music on in the background while you do other things. There may also be some aspects of music that you like talking about, but you are unlikely to spend more than the average amount of your free-time and money on music-related activities. Music is important to you, but not as important a focus as it is for some.

  Musical Perception: 
You scored higher than 64% of the population This is perhaps the most traditional measure of musical skill and indicates how well you understand the qualities of music, such as rhythm, pitch, tuning and genre. You scored medium for perception, which suggests that you have quite a good ear for music in some respects, but there are areas where you are less confident. Your score indicates that you are about average in your ability to keep a beat and to distinguish between different instruments and musical genres. Your scores in the musical tests will give you a good idea of where your specific strengths and weaknesses lie.

  Emotional Connection: 
You scored higher than 51% of the population This looks at how music affects your moods and feelings. You scored medium for emotional connection, which indicates that music sometimes influences your feelings and that you may occasionally use music to manage your mood. Your results suggest that certain music can reconnect you to past events and memories, but that generally music doesn’t have the power to completely change your emotional state.

  Social Creativity: 
You scored higher than 63% of the population This looks at creating music and sharing in group activities where music is involved. You scored medium for Social creativity, which suggests that you have a fairly good memory for melodies and are able to recall many of the new songs or musical phrases you hear. If you feel confident enough, you can probably contribute to group activities where music is involved, and are able to join in, singing or clapping along with others. You may not find it as easy as some people to imagine new melodies in your head.

  Musical Curiosity: 
You scored higher than 38% of the population This assesses how open you are to new musical genres and experiences. You scored low for music curiosity, which suggests that you aren’t really open to exploring new music, and prefer to listen to the genres and artists you are already familiar with. As a result, you are likely to be exposed to a limited range of musical styles and have a more focused range of musical taste than the average person. You probably wouldn’t ever attend an event just to experience live music, but may enjoy going to see familiar artists perform.

Bottom line : I think everything's accurate or ok, except for the section on emotional connection - music seriously has the ability to influence my mood.

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