In the New World.. YET AGAIN.

Sigh. I think I exhausted my honeymoon phase with the 5 month stint in Atlanta. As an International Student, I have been told that it's normal for me to HATE AMERICA RIGHT NOW.
Thank goodness for that.

Salt Lake City is beautiful. Here's a sample of the mountains at sunset.

The Purple any better?

Backing up laptop data, packing up old stuff, packing in new stuff.

Count down in hours now - 29.

Murphy's law.

Arrrrrrgh! Sorry folks, just after shifting everything over to my new site does their server decide to have downtime. Like, while I was in the process of uploading a file. Grr.

Purple.. eh, pfft.

The REAL reason for the purple..

Heylo all. This may not come as much of a surprise for my precious inner circle (mweheheheh.) but the real reason for the purple layout is so that we're now colour-co-ordinated with:

Yes, it's my very own.

and yes, I'm still trying to make peace with purple. :P

Purple also happens to be what you get when you mix Pinks with Blues. I fly in 6 days.. alvida, Chennai, I'll always carry a piece of you in me. *sniff*

Wild West, here I come!