Google fail.

This, in fact, is a picture of optimally transfected cells just glowing with GFP. Guess I know what I was doing on the 4th of July two years ago :P

Memories of grandma.

Ammamma - so brave and so strong through it all. Bathing me when I was a little girl and blessing me with the last drop of water in the bucket. Making pulusu out of watermelon rind and jackfruit seeds. Collecting cream to churn butter. Going to the beach together and buying a flute. Telling stories of Tenali Rama tricking cats or dodging raindrops before bedtime. Sharing candy and life advice. Giggling over something silly.
I'm glad I could talk to you yesterday, even if for a few seconds. Miss you always.

Just as it is natural that all of us pass on someday- it is also natural that we remember those who have passed, and grieve.
Dear Prime Minister,
Please promise to make this country a land of opportunity for the hardworking and the honest, regardless of caste, class, sex or religion. Give our youth a higher goal to strive for than beating down other people. Tell them that rather than waste their energy perpetuating hate, to use that anger and drive to improve themselves and their own lives.
Remaining silent at these crimes committed in your name does not absolve you of the responsibility.