Art, Science and Philosophy

Staying vulnerable and changeable is a state best suited to learning, discovery and creativity. The rare ability to be easily excited is such a strength as a scientist, and such a weakness as a human being. Holding a vision without lapsing into illusion; open-minded exploration while remembering old patterns; sifting truth from untruth; hearing all but choosing unbiased. So very many fine lines, and Life is to dance that balance.


Every so often, one meets someone who treats life as a journey. Their destination is somewhere beyond their lifetime, and so they spend their moments enjoying the places they pass through and the company of people they meet.
They do not put down roots. They may set up shop- that is, have a family, a career, a degree and friends - things that are not perfectly aligned towards their destination, but a part of their journey. But the old is as dear as the new - every passerby, every colleague is an opportunity to learn, and to make contact.
Part of their journey is to change themselves. They constantly seek out a new experience, or new knowledge. They truly welcome the chance to learn from mistakes; not that they feel no hurt, but do not let it stop them.
Part of their journey is to change their surroundings. There is a certain degree of self-preservation necessary to maintain life and sanity, but we all build our walls to enclose a perimeter somewhat larger than this, that excludes others. Making that wall smaller, or more permeable, means to not fear the consequence of trusting somebody- enough to give them your time and effort, and a willing ear.

It seems to depend on their inherent personality whether they talk about this journey willingly or not, and so they're not always easy to spot. It's hard to tell sometimes whether someone is yanking your chain, or if these people are real - but the conversations are always interesting.

Open mini-letter.

Dear Heath Center Nurse Person,

Sorry if I come off as paranoid and hypochondriac, but if I've asked three times whether I can see a standard blood test result, you've got to understand that it's because I'm a grad student. I trust your judgment, but I HAVE TO SEE THE DATA. And ask you a bajillion questions about what they mean, but really - it's a compulsion.


P.S: Ignoring me like I never asked the question isn't going to stop me from asking.